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Business Consultant’s Education | Concise Management Services

After our last few posts about business consultants and the role they play in a business, we got a handful of questions about the education background of business consultants. Most business consultants do have a bachelor’s degree in business management or business administration. The degree could be in marketing, accounting, or even finance. Some business consultants also hold a Master of Business Administration (MBA), which is more schooling after the bachelor’s degree. Some consultants will specialize their MBA in consulting specifically. There are also certifications available in management consultant. These certifications are primarily a series of written and oral exams, which need to be renewed every three years.

When hiring your business consultant, it would be wise to find out which area (if any) that they specialize in. By knowing what they specialize in, you will be able to utilize their specific knowledge in the best way possible for your business

Not all business consultants may have a specialized certification or degree. If you come across someone that you feel comfortable with and you want to move forward with, ask for references of past (or current clients.) We would suggest that you speak with these clients and ask any questions you might have. If you come across someone who is hesitant to give you this type of information, you might want to think twice before moving forward with them.

Also, keep in mind that you will want to be comfortable with constructive criticism, as your business consultant may mention things that bother you a bit. It is nothing personal but rather someone having a fresh perspective from the outside looking in. That is why it is very important you feel comfortable with who you hire to be your consultant.

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