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Importance of Employee Onboarding | Concise Management Services

If you do not currently have any type of process when it comes to how you handle hiring a new employee, it is time you get some sort of process. Your business consultant will help tailor this specifically to whatever your needs and desires are. They will also come up with the process for you, from start to finish. Until you hire your business consultant, we will share some basic ideas with you when it comes to a new employee onboarding process.

Once you have decided to hire a new employee, you need to make sure the new employee is aware of basic details. These details include: dress code, when to report to work, who their manager is, etc. This information could be written in an e-mail upon being hired or typed out and printed and physical given to the new employee. Include any relevant and important information in this letter.

Do not forget about your current employees! All employees should be made aware of the fact that a new employee is being hired and will be part of the team. This announcement could be made via e-mail to current employees. If there is any equipment or uniforms that’s the new employee needs, the proper department(s) need to be made aware of what is expected and needed of them.

Although you have formally told the new employee pertinent information of their first day on the job, have a new hire packet ready for them. This new hire packet will include more detailed information pertaining to their job. For example, it should include their pay rate, benefits, code of conduct, responsibilities, expectations, etc. It is also important that someone physically shows them around the office and introduce them to the existing team. You want them to feel comfortable in their new environment.

After a week or two of the new employee working, be sure to check on them. Check with their managers to find out how they are doing. You can also ask the new employee how they are feeling about their new role.

It is important that a new employee has a positive onboarding experience. This will be their initial introduction to the company and you want it to be a good one!

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