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Migrating Business Procedures Appropriate for the Times | Concise Management Services

Concise Management Services

During this strange time with many people still not feeling comfortable working in-person, it is a good time to adapt with the times! Find a business consultant, like us, who would be happy to add it as one of our projects to help your business thrive and succeed in these strange times!

A multitude of companies have already switched over to a new business landscape. If you are one of the companies who have not made the switch yet, or who want to improve on what you are doing currently, again, we are here for you! This is especially important at the event a lockdown occurs again.

To start from the basics, training is very important! We would advise that your training be able to be done virtually. This can be done through modules that are completely online, videos (or zoom calls) where an instructor leads training, etc. In order to achieve these concepts, you would need to make sure your technology is up to par or migrate to technology where it can easily be done in that fashion. A great business consultant can help put you in touch with the right professionals to help, if it is not something within their wheelhouse.

Updating Employee Handbooks is something that a business consultant is responsible for, so any new procedures that involve virtual training will be updated. This also pertains to any new procedures set in place with social distancing or personal protective equipment. Updating training can seem daunting in itself, so updating a handbook might be something that gets overlooked. However, it is very important that it is updated if a new employee is expected to perform in a certain manner.

In the event of another lockdown, we want to help guarantee that your business stays operational and can continue making money. We would be honored to help migrate your business tactics in a more virtual environment.

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