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The Discovery & Evaluation Phase – Concise Management Services

Once you decide on the business consultant that is best suited for your business, something to expect is the consultant spending a lot of time learning the ins and outs of your current company. This includes not only getting to know you, the owner, but also the employees. This is considered to be the “discovery phase.” The discovery phase is very important so the consultant has a grasp of what is going on and how situations are handled when situations arise.

In addition to getting to know the owner and employees, the business consultant will also want to get to know any board of directions who might be on staff and any other consultants who might be involved in the company. An example of this would be an accountant or sales representative of a particular business you work closely with.

If the business consultant happens to live out of state, it is important for them to tour and visit the brick and mortar location. It will also be important for the consultant to take a look any business materials (employee handbook) and analyze current finances.

By taking a look at everything as a whole, the business consultant will be able to get a true understanding of the company and what role they can play to help. This next phase is known as the evaluation phase. The business consultant will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of both the owner, employees, and other parties involved.

The evaluation phase also includes coming up with solutions to any problems they have discovered and developing a solid plan of how to grow the business, increase profits, and boost the overall efficiency. It is imperative that during this phase, an open and comfortable communication stream is in effect. The business consultant will need not only the cooperation of the employees, but also a positive attitude and desire to help grow the business.

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